Why Do We Check Online Casinos?

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Our site is an ideal starting point for beginner players. We offer regular reviews, rating updates, and a massive amount of casino news (which will help you daily). Including reviews of new bonus offers and game releases, license updates, a list of local payment systems, and much more.

On the site, we publish reviews of almost all gambling. Including free demos and links to casinos where you can play them. Immerse yourself in the games and learn their rules and basic strategies.

Also, you can be sure of the safety of the casino that we are reviewing. Because all gambling platforms hosted on our site are registered and governed by Canadian law.

Canada’s 2023 gambling year showed our dominance in objective casinos observations. We hope that our reviews will help you choose the best provider of your favorite games of chance.

We Check Casinos From Client’s Perspective

Our site always tries to be as relevant as possible for customers. This means that we understand the primary desires and needs of gambling fans. Therefore, when reviewing an online casino, we always put ourselves in the client’s place. That is why our reviews are so objective and popular.

Any check of a new gambling site starts with registering and making a deposit. Our specialist takes the same steps as a new player to ensure the correct operation of the site. Particular attention is paid to the availability of basic payment methods and their diversity. The most important thing here is that these operators would provide their services in Canada.

The next step is to test the work of the customer service. We always test the authenticity of ways to contact customer support. That’s why we use live chats, emails, and calls. The gambling site must provide all contact options in both English and Quebec French. To receive high marks, responses to messages or calls should be as fast as possible.

The quantity and quality of the presented games are important for any player. Therefore, we spend a massive amount of time checking the operation of games. Of course, it would take several weeks to test the correct operation of all slot, card, and table games. Especially if it’s a big casino in Canada with thousands of different games. Therefore, we choose random products from all the presented game providers. If there are no lugs or bugs, the gambling website is highly rated.

The final stage is to withdraw funds to your bank account. At this time, we are checking the number of output options and the timing of such operations. Depending on the amount of winnings and the payment method, the withdrawal time can vary from 1 to 7 days. If such an operation takes longer, the casino will receive a lower score.

We Check Casinos From Professional’s Perspective

We have extensive experience in checking and evaluating online Canadian casinos. It is due to several reasons. The main one is a considerable amount of practice – we have been working in the gambling market for more than twenty years. And another factor is the team of professionals who are real experts in gambling.

The first thing our specialists pay attention to is the license. The relevant authorities control online casinos with a mandate to gamble, so they do not deceive their customers. The lack of a permit, outlaws the project in Canada. Obtaining a license implies that the operator follows specific rules, in particular:

  • the site presents official software from well-known providers;
  • personal and financial data of gamblers are protected by encryption and inaccessible to fraudsters;
  • customer support staff make fair decisions, respond quickly to appeals;
  • In the event of a conflict between the casino and the player, the person may complain to the supervisory authority.

Even a new player can check the site for a license. It should be published on the website for public review. Usually, at the bottom of each casino site page is information about the document. It is good if there is a link to the regulator’s official website. If not, the support consultant should provide comprehensive information on this issue. If personnel avoid answering, the honesty of the project can be questioned.

And even having a license does not always guarantee the correct operation of online casinos. Therefore, our specialists check the history of the platform. Its reputation and company owners. We came across unscrupulous casino owners who after violating the terms of contracts instead of paying compensation, went the other way. Namely, they created a new online website which is a problem gambling industry often faces. We consider such actions unfair to customers, so we do not include such sites in our rankings.

After all, it is impossible to get a complete impression of a casino without another verification element. And this is checking user reviews on various sites and forums. Our specialists carefully study the comments and feedback, while comparing them with their own records. In this way, we also verify whether different online casinos are correcting their mistakes.

Types Of Popular Games In The Best Online Casinos

Gambling operators are in a state of extreme competition. Therefore, online casinos in recent years have diversified their products in mass to reach a larger audience of players. The winners of this range expansion have already been identified – they are customers.

Visit any of the leading casinos in our ranking, and you will find everything you want:

  • slots;
  • roulette;
  • card games;
  • video poker;
  • puzzles;
  • lottery games;
  • many titles with animation and much more.

But despite this diversity, the top three most popular online gambling games remain the same. And new players should learn about them before creating a profile on the site.

  • Online slots are the main product of any good web casino. They are simple, often require only tiny deposits, and provide a good chance of winning. It is a good option for those beginners who want to try their luck.
  • Blackjack is perhaps the most famous casino game, whether we are talking about land-based businesses or the Internet. Many casinos offer a free version of this game. It is especially popular with new players who want to learn the rules and get some practice before making a deposit.
  • Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. So it is not surprising that it is presented online. To satisfy customers, most online casinos offer a wide range of video poker games. From the famous classic to more complex, with higher odds.

Why Do We Prioritize Casinos Safeness Over Other Aspects?

When researching top online casinos, our priority is to test their safeness for users. Therefore, all gambling sites in our ranking have been thoroughly tested. As professionals in gambling, we use a multi-level system to identify potential fraudulent sites. Some of these resources are easy to find, but there are also very skillfully created scam sites.

First of all, we check the availability of the license to verify the legality of the site in Canada. Among the most common registration places are Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta, or Curacao. But even if the license is specified, our specialists do not stop there. The next step is to verify the license number in the particular authority registries. If all the data match, we proceed to the next step.

The method of encrypting personal data. It includes protecting information about payment systems, your personal information, transaction history, and more. And although there are many data encryption systems, the best Canadian casinos online protection is made with 128-bit SSL encryption. This method has an excellent reputation and is constantly updated and improved.

When registering on the site, we pay attention to the person’s verification. It may irritate some players, but it is necessary. It helps to avoid the registration of fraudulent programs and bots.

Why Don’t We Review Unlicensed Casinos?

Unlicensed online casinos are much more numerous than casinos operating in the legal field. Many players use them without even realizing the possible dangers. Such casinos offer very high deposit bonuses and many free spins to attract players. Some customers do not understand all the risks associated with unlicensed casinos, so we will talk about the most obvious:

  • Lack of honest software on unlicensed websites. Licensed casinos are required to undergo ongoing software checks. All games on legal platforms must be programmed for a certain percentage of customer winnings.

Unlicensed online casinos are not available for such an audit. Therefore, scammers can install software with a minimal chance of winning. Or with the complete absence of the possibility of the client’s victory. That is why the best online casino is always licensed;

  • Danger to the user’s data. Another disadvantage of the lack of independent auditors’ checks is the inability to verify the site’s security system. The vast majority of illegal online casinos have a horrible method of protecting users’ data. As a result, the security of the database on unlicensed websites is simply awful. Due to the increasing number of hacker attacks, we recommend using online casinos Canada authorities permitted to operate;
  • Moreover, many illegal gambling platforms intentionally do not protect customers’ data. Such unscrupulous casinos themselves collect personal data of players for resale to various organizations. Buyers can be both advertising agencies and fraudsters;
  • Financial fraud is commonplace in unlicensed casinos. The customer deposit may disappear due to a “software failure.” Or the winnings are not given out for no reason. Finally, there are often cases of player profiles disappearing after making a deposit or a big win.

For these and many other reasons, we recommend that you enjoy gambling only on top Canadian sites that we have tested. Our ratings are some of the most reliable in the industry, if not the most reliable.

Bonuses Are Top Attractions Of Any Online Casino

Given the high competition among online casinos, such websites are forced to look for effective ways to attract new customers. Therefore, many casinos offer exciting bonuses, including a welcome and deposit bonus, free spins, etc. Our site checks the offers and rewards of each casino and indicates them in the review and overall rating. To verify the veracity of the declared shares, our specialists register on the site and alternately use all types.

The most common is a welcome bonus for new casino players. To receive such a gift, you need to register at the casino and top up your balance. On some gambling resources, players are offered a whole package of bonuses – for the second, third and subsequent deposits. Gamblers who make big bets and make large deposits are given a bonus of high rollers. Loyal bonuses are also credited to regular customers to motivate them to play more actively.

We definitely include all these bonuses in our review. Of course, it is worth mentioning the no deposit bonus, but it is pretty rare. Therefore, only the most reliable, largest casinos include it in their promotions package.

By checking online casinos, we, like our customers, divide sites by type of promotion. And surely highlight what sort of bonuses the site offers. After all, if a player loves slot games, then free spins are better suited to him. If the user is a fan of blackjack or roulette, then “tokens” or bonus Canadian dollars will come in handy.

Of course, an important aspect of each of our reviews is to check the conditions for receiving the bonus. Unfortunately, many online casinos deceive their users, relying on their inattention. It is our duty to verify the compliance of the stated terms of the bonuses with the actual terms of use. If we find such a discrepancy, the casino that allowed it would not be included in our rating.

We Check The Mobile Version Of The Casino

One would think that in the age of online services and general digitalization, all casinos have a quality mobile version. But this is not the case. Moreover, many gambling platforms do not have sites that work correctly on Android and IOS. But since most people have smartphones or tablets, a mobile version of the site is mandatory for a good casino. Therefore, in our ranking, you will find only the best online resources with an excellent mobile version.

The first thing that catches your attention when checking any site is its optimization. No modern user will agree to spend extra time looking at small inscriptions under a magnifying glass. Or endlessly scroll down and up when searching for the desired category. That is why it is so important that the website be optimized to work with Android or IOS.

The same applies to slot games, roulette, baccarat, and others. Sometimes casino owners, even optimizing the site, forget to check the games for correct operation on smartphones. And although such a mistake is quite rare, we still check every game when reviewing the casino.

We understand Internet users very well, and we know how annoying site advertising can be. As well as large pop-up ads that interrupt the game or study the content. Therefore, this is another criterion that affects the overall evaluation of the website. Casinos with many distracting nuances rarely get to the top of our rankings.

User convenience is one of our top priorities. That’s why we always highlight casinos that have user-friendly sites. Such resources stand out from the total mass. Firstly, the mobile version is perfectly displayed on smartphones and tablets: each element has the right size, you can see all the blocks, etc. Secondly, it has a simplified design that makes finding the right sections, subsections, and pages more manageable.

The fast loading of the page is of great importance for any online casino. We mention this at the very end of the section, even though this point is noticed immediately when entering the site. The mobile version has reduced functionality and is a simplified version of the desktop version – it should load much faster. Everyone likes it – especially users with slow internet.


Our site is one of the oldest and most reliable online gambling industries. When reviewing, we are always guided by the interests of Canadian casino lovers. Therefore, we carry out checks from the user’s perspective at the first stage. This process includes registering on the site, making a deposit, using a variety of games, and withdrawing funds. If all the points are passed without errors and bugs, such a site will receive a good rating.

We also check the work of the casino sites from a more professional point of view. It includes having a license, user feedback, and reputation. It is mandatory to determine the quality of the presented games and confirm the declared quantity. As well as testing various bonuses and conditions for receiving them.

We conduct all our tests both in the desktop and mobile versions. It is a particularly important aspect, as most modern users of online casinos use smartphones or tablets. And therefore, the mobile version of the site should be as user-friendly as possible.

Summing up all the above, we are convinced that our casino ratings and reviews are always detailed and objective. That is why we are a reliable leader in reviewing the best casinos Canada could offer.


Are Casinos You Review Safe?

We include in our rankings only the best online casinos that our specialists have tested. The same goes for individual reviews of individual gambling sites. Publishing reviews of unreliable providers is, to some extent, equivalent to advertising dangerous casinos. Our site works in users’ interests and publishes reviews only of safe casinos.

Can I Trust Your Reviews On Top Online Casinos?

Our platform appeared two decades ago, which is why we have a lot of experience in gambling. In fact, we have been operating since the beginning of the first online casinos. During this time, our team of specialists has developed several criteria for checking and evaluating gambling sites. We make an overall assessment after examining more than forty different measures. We are cautious about our work, so our reviews are trustworthy.

What Should I Do To Get Bonuses?

It is easy to get bonuses. All you have to do is click on “play now” or “get my bonus.” But even though it is simple, it is better to browse our reviews of different online casinos and choose the most suitable one. After all, various providers offer bonuses for different amounts and for different types of games. Let’s agree, if you like to play blackjack or baccarat, free spins will not be too useful. In this case, it is better to choose a site that offers bonus Canadian dollars.

Can I Get Real Money At Reviewed Casinos?

Online casinos and gambling popularity is generally based on two human desires. Firstly, it is a passion, because many people cannot live without risk. And the risk of losing a few bucks is quite comfortable and safe, compared to, for example, bungee jumping. Secondly, who would not want to win slots jackpots while sitting on the couch at home. That’s why we review sites that are guaranteed to pay out winnings.

Do I Need To Create A Profile?

Creating a profile is a prerequisite for making a deposit, buying spins, and withdrawing winnings. Even getting “no deposit bonuses” requires registration. The profile also plays an important role in the site’s security system. After all, security programs automatically check profiles and determine whether a person is registered under another name. This simple step protects casinos and players from the most primitive scammers.