Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are also known as cashback bonuses. These are promotions through which casinos give their users the opportunity to recover part of the invested capital. Whether it's a balance in their account, free spins, real money or a new opportunity to play. In other words, they are a big plus. One that you can't give up on those days when luck isn't on your side. And one that can only be enjoyed in the best casinos in Italy.

# Email Evaluation Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus Up to € 3.000 Welcome pack
Deposit Bonus 100% up to 500 euros
Deposit Bonus 100% up to 500 euros
Deposit Bonus Scratch and win 7 euros for free
Deposit Bonus 100% bonus up to € 250

What are casino cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are becoming more and more common, ea Online Casino Italy we offer you the best. These bonuses are percentages between 5 and 25% of the total net losses a player can have.

Therefore, they are set for a certain period of play or on a particular casino game. They are meant to compensate the player a little in case he has had a bad time. And unlike welcome bonuses, which are very common, cashback bonuses are not.

Follow us and find out how you can get these cashback bonuses and how they work.

Requirements for redemption obligations

Due to the great advantages they offer, as for the no deposit bonus, some warranties and conditions are required of the player.

Players will be able to recover a certain percentage of the money they lost in a bad streak. That cash back in the cashback bonus can be in real money or in cash for another casino game.

To be able to get a cash back bonus, the following requirements must be taken into consideration:

  • Some casinos only give the bonus on a specific type of game. It is usually offered on the real money slots.
  • Bonuses can be offered as part of a promotion for a specific period of time.
  • Cashback bonuses in online casinos have a fixed percentage.
  • They limit a maximum amount of money to be returned.
  • They are calculated on the basis of net losses, not total losses; which we explain in the next section.
  • To free up this amount of money, a rollover must be fulfilled, just like with other bonds.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about cashback bonuses

♦ ️ What features should I consider when choosing a cashback voucher?

When choosing a cashback bonus, it is good to look at a few key points regardless of the casino. The first is to read the terms and conditions on the casino website. You need to do this to confirm that you meet all the requirements.
Then, you need to know how much of the capital can be recovered and for how long it is valid. Finally, also find out how long you have to wait to receive your refund, and that's it!

♦ ️ Can I opt for the same cashback voucher several times?

Whether you want to opt for the same cashback bonus more than once depends on the casino and its conditions. In the casino, there can be several variations of these and they can be very different from each other. However, there are options of them that allow you to use them multiple times depending on the case. But, you have to be very well informed, as it is not something that is always and in any case done in all casinos.

♦ ️ When I use a cashback bonus that I can withdraw from my account, do I get real money back?

The vast majority of cashback bonuses do not give you back real money which you can withdraw from your account. This cashback amount is usually a balance that you can only use to play casino games again. In turn, you will have a new chance to win prizes by using this new amount in games. Then, of course, any new winnings you win later in the games can be withdrawn.

♦ ️ Can cashback bonuses be used on all casino games or are there any restrictions?

In truth, the vast majority of these bonuses cannot be used for all casino titles. Many of them have limits on which games can and cannot be played. Each has their own specifics, so be sure to check them out so you don't miss out on the bonus. You also need to find out their terms and conditions so that you don't get confused when you want to use it.

How cashback bonuses work

Cashback bonuses are calculated on the basis of the money wagered and the amount of winnings. Therefore, a fixed percentage of the net losses is given. This percentage must be applied to the resulting winning amount, minus the money wagered.


Let's say the bonus is calculated on just 1 day, and returns 10% of the net slots losses. The player played € 300 in slots during this period. However, he only won € 100 in winnings.

For the calculation of the bonus, 10% is not applied to the € 300 wagered (which would be € 30 cashback). The net loss, taking into account the winnings, is 200 euros in this case. As a result, the casino will return 10% of € 200, ie € 20. A very generous and attractive casino bonus!

Where to find the best cashback coupons

The cashback bonuses are part of the promotional catalog of some of the best casinos in Italy. For example, some casinos offer them on their own slot machine. Others offer them on real money online roulette.

It doesn't matter if you play from your computer or from the mobile casino. You can always opt for cashback bonuses on the best online casino games. Whatever your return, they are ideal on days when luck hasn't been with you.

Check our table of 100% safe and reliable Italian online casinos and enjoy the best conditions on cashback bonuses!