New slots in 2022

Players looking for new free slots will find them here.

The constant need for renewal sets casino software developers apart. This regardless of whether they are large companies in the sector or small start-ups. That is why they have developed games this year to offer only the best to online casino players. They have created much more sophisticated games with bolder, more innovative and more attractive designs. In addition to the aesthetics, there are also the slots themselves, with their bonus spins and special symbols.

Below, we will mention some of the most interesting new slots 2022. We will also tell you how to play the best new slots. Of course, they will be available in the best online casinos Italians on our list.

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What's new in the new online slots

Over the course of 2022 we will find new slots inspired by the best TV series and blockbusters. There will also be slots inspired by popular bands, or themes such as mythology, science fiction and the Wild West.

It is also estimated that 2022 will be a year in which downloads of new slot applications will increase. As well as access from the phone browser. Either way, it is clear that the industry is aware that the future is in the mobile casino.

As for the slot developers. NetEnt in January 2022 launched a new slot, called Mercy of the Gods. This slot consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. And, it can immerse the player in ancient Egypt with very fun features that will fill the player with fabulous rewards.

Another new one online slots from this developer is Turn your Fortune, which was also released in the first month of the year. This new slot features 5 reels and 40 paylines. It has new game features, generous bonuses and mini-games that will allow the player to get multiple benefits. Plus, it has an innovative design that only this developer can offer.

Novomatic, a major casino software developer, will also offer new slots this 2022. It will introduce at least 5 new titles, including Power of Ra. This is the continuation of the famous saga of slots they have already released, Book of Ra. This new slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines. And it will offer players more adventures than previous machines and many more rewards.

Additionally, Novomatic will transport players to the Old West with Wild Maverick. This fantastic new online slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines. It offers wilds that come out in groups and are fixed on the reels to ensure that the player gets generous prizes.

Highlights of the new slot machines

There is a big difference between the first machines on the market and the new ones free slots that exist today. Today they are full of amazing features without losing the essence of their early days.

Today we can enjoy slots with many features and qualities, which increasingly satisfy the tastes of users.

The new free slots have a varied theme, with more reels and lines to play. In addition to mini games, they also offer various types of prizes and bonuses of different types. These new ones slot machine at launch, they give players a thousand ways to win.

It is also possible to play for free on the most recent slots in Italy. You can access the demo version of the producers and try the game for free. There is no need to download or register at the casino. You can practice the new free slots without wagering real money.

Another feature is the addition of special effects. These new slot machines feature fantastic animations, similar to video games. The sound sets them apart as a splendid experience.

All in all, the advances are innumerable, and it is evident that the improvements are a permanent constant. These range from customer service to mobile application development. Including up-to-date payment tools and the safeguarding of user data.

In the past, these types of minigames basically consisted of pressing a button and waiting for the result. But these advances undoubtedly make them much more interactive, complex and fun. Although there will be players who feel the improvements have gone too far. However, there will always be classic cars.

What makes the new slots innovative?

Being an online casino player has several advantages. Mainly enjoying the higher quality of play that digital technology provides. These new games are full of color, sound effects and magic, fitting into today's world.

Beyond the visual aesthetics, the new slots recreate the atmosphere and give the impression of reality. This is achieved by using the common sounds that characterize them and excite the audience. Clapping of hands, coins, awards signals, among others. This set of sounds intensifies the experience making it more vivid and real.

Having more coils and lines increases the possibilities. They offer a variety of betting combinations and in turn offer greater chances of winning. There are now bonus rounds that increase the player's chances of winning, so the return is very high.

Additionally, these newer slots are notable for their paybacks. In today's machines you can find games where the RTP is high compared to others. In many cases it is advisable to evaluate them, as they have a very high volatility.

Playing the demo versions allows you to test all the new slots available. Trying the games you have the possibility to choose according to your taste which one you want to try. This is a great option before you go out to play with real money. Because when you decide which game to play, you can do it by betting for real.

Another improvement is that the new slots now feature various themes. They are usually inspired by the most recent topics that interest players. Thus giving the player the opportunity to choose one of his preferences.

This improved animation and image effects make the gaming experience more fun and interactive. Each game now transports us to incredible scenarios across our screen.

Types and themes of the new slots

For several years, designers have been surprising us with the latest themes. These need to be constantly improved in order not to fail to impress users.

Themes are based on and inspired by issues of interest to players at any given time. It could be said that they are up to date with the emerging tastes of the public. Thus, there are themes related to fantasy, series, movies and much more. They are related to recent releases of films or literature to date. Above all, those who are on the rise and are at the top of the preferences.

You can find everything from famous fashion films to musical groups. A variety of new characters or popular themes make up the range of options employed by programmers and designers. All in the pursuit of creating a more interesting and transcendental gaming experience.

We have already seen in previous years themes such as Jurassic World, Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Planet of the Apes, Beauty and the Beast, among others.

Surely you already know or are a loyal fan of some of these films and series. On this site you can find detailed and extensive information about them. If you want to know more, we invite you to consult our pages on the subject.

How to choose from so many new games?

Having the best gaming experience often depends on the user's choice. While they may look similar, no two cars are alike. Finding the right game is essential to ensure greater satisfaction. Among so many different games, it is difficult to find the one that is most compatible with the player. This is because there are many factors that influence whether a car is suitable or optimal. So, here we will explain how you can choose your ideal slot machine.

Find the theme and type of car you like best

The player himself is the person who knows his hobbies best. We recommend that you inform yourself about the existing themes and choose one according to your tastes.

This step is one of the easiest. You just have to make your choice taking into account the theme of the games, their functions or basic features like the number of reels and the graphics.

If you don't know the types of machines, remember that thanks to the new modifications you can try them for free. It is a way to get to know them and become familiar with them until you find the ideal one.

Check the RTP and volatility

After the audiovisual theme, it is necessary to check the volatility of the car. You need to take a look at the game's instructions or reviews to know its level. However, most online slots don't include this information.

In this case, you can get a pretty good idea of ​​how volatile a game alone is. Just look at the relationship between the spins and the prizes, making a quick comparison between one winning combination and another.

Also evaluate the bonus features, if these are rarely activated, you are looking at a highly volatile game.

As a general rule you should know that slots with an RTP exceeding 96,5% have low volatility.

By trying the free version of the new slots, you can evaluate the RTP of each machine. This way, you will know if the game offers what you are looking for.

RNG or random number generator

This is currently the mainstay of the new online slots activity. It is used to generate numbers randomly. Each number produced corresponds to a specific symbol and a position on each spin.

During a game, when the reels stop, the system randomly selects the symbols and the position where they will stop. This is how the outcome of the rotation is decided. In other words, the final product is completely random, as no one can alter how it works.

International laboratories test RNGs for fairness. In this way, slot machine players are assured of peace of mind. Using an RNG is a very safe method of supporting the fairness of these games. The very variability of the system gives reliability of choice.

Enjoy the process

As we have seen above, we now know that slot games work on an RNG system. And, thanks to this, the randomness of the choice of symbols that appear in the rows and columns can be guaranteed. Therefore, it is safe to bet on these machines and hope that luck is on your side to win.

As stated above, it is valid to play for free in the beginning. Practice, understand the logic of the game and find a pattern is ideal. In fact, it is best to take some time to understand how the game works. What really matters is that you experiment to know your tastes and enjoy the moment. Remember that having fun is the priority.

Play new slot games for free

The best thing about the new free slots is that they can be played by players with no experience level. This is because it will be possible to enjoy them through their free versions. Thus, it will allow beginners to practice the rules of the game and their own new slots skills free. Practice is a good thing to do before wagering your real money if you are new to a new slot game.

Casino with the best new slots of 2022.

In the year 2022, you will surely be able to find new online slots in the best online casinos in Italy. Look for them in the Italian casinos on our list to enjoy them.

Likewise, the best new online slots will also be available to be enjoyed in their mobile version. Players will be able to access it through any Android and iOS device with an internet connection. They will be able to do this via the casino website, or the downloadable app, if available.

Best of all, these mobile versions will be loaded with exclusive features, such as never-before-seen animations and images. As well as some bonus rounds that only new players of mobile slots they will be able to enjoy.