Let's find out together the best casinos in Italy

Since the fashion of online casino gaming has gone crazy, there are many platforms that have made their sites, software and games available to the most casino enthusiasts. Internationally renowned platforms have been created with Spanish, Chilean, German and French companies, but all-Italian platforms have also flourished.

You know, if a platform is Italian we feel safer and this is a reality. Therefore today we want to talk to you about what the Italian game points are, how they work, what are the games offered, the software made available and much more.

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In this way you will be able to independently evaluate which platforms are most suitable for you, also selecting them based on the services offered (as in the case of bonuses) and you will have an overview of what awaits you, even before you sign up.

Playing with online casinos: what changes?

Why has such a fashion blossomed? Why did everyone prefer the online casino rather than the land-based gambling halls? What additional features does a digital platform have to offer? These are all legitimate questions and the answers we will provide you will be useful when making your choice.

Well, starting from the first two questions, we all know that nowadays all the activities that we previously carried out in a physical place, are then passed to the network. Today, for example, many prefer to pay their bills online, write an email rather than send a letter, watch a movie in streaming rather than go to the cinema. Here, for the same reason for which these activities now take place online, users who previously visited land-based casinos now visit the main gaming platforms.

The reason is the simplicity of access, the speed in reaching a place that is virtual today, in short.

And we can't blame these people, especially since the points in 2020 game were closed due to the pandemic and then reopened with restrictions. Here, in this case, a casino platform is just what it takes in this very particular historical moment to continue playing, but remaining safe in your own home.

Answering the last question, if you have already taken a tour in online casinos you will certainly have taken a look at the graphics of the games made available by the individual platforms. These are all games full of details, with very compelling background stories and with prizes that are in short supply in the physical points.

You should know that the games offered by the platforms are updated and fixed by bugs every week and the software is made by internationally renowned producers. Therefore, you will not be faced with old-fashioned and outdated graphics, with minimized colors and poorly functioning software. What you will find is a far superior service and you will not be forced to reach the physical point by leaving the house.

Speaking, also, of the services offered by the platforms, you may have already heard of the welcome bonuses and weekly prizes. Well, you certainly can't find that in a land-based casino.

In a land-based casino you will pay from the very first moment, even if you just want to try out a game. Conversely, most platforms offer welcome bonuses with free spins or free credit to try out a limited number of games. This way, even before you start winning, you will be allowed to play a few games for free. This is an exclusive online gaming point service and represents an innovation for the casino world.

But what else led to the migration to online casinos? In Italy there are only 4 physical play points which are not so easy to reach for those who live far from them, a question that makes its success problematic.

For this reason, the digital casino has moved to a strategic point that is easily accessible to anyone who wants to play. You will no longer have logistical, structural barriers and limits in the games made available. You will also have the opportunity to access live casinos to experience gambling with the same intensity as in a traditional casino. In short, the online casino is the point where tradition and innovation meet and create something unique and unmissable.

What are the most famous Italian and international casinos?

If you have remained anchored to the classic casino of yesteryear, the one we often find in the most famous films in history, then stay tuned because we will tell you about the games offered by land-based casinos in Italy.

There are five land-based casinos in Italy and they are currently functioning, albeit with the restrictions that we all know due to the pandemic. Here are the five physical casinos currently in operation in Italy:

  • Casino of Campione d'Italia,
  • Casino of Ca 'di Noghera in Venice
  • Casino of Ca 'Vendramin Calergi in Venice
  • Sanremo Casino
  • Saint Vincent Resort & Casino

As you can see, most of them are located in the north of Italy, so if you want to reach the game point you will have to jump in the car, train or plane and reach it. However, the magic of the casino described by the big screen is something that must be savored and experienced at least once in a lifetime.

In addition, these places are particularly visited by famous people, so in addition to experiencing the magic of the big casino you may come across your favorite actor and, who knows, maybe you can get an autograph from him.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering which is the most famous casino in the world, in this case unfortunately Italy is not on the podium. The most famous physical casino in the world is the WinStar World casino: it is the largest casino in the world and is located in the state of Oklahoma.

What games can we find in online casinos in Italy?

The most famous games of the Italian platforms are mostly the same that you would find in a physical Italian casino point or on international platforms. So, let's see together what they are and find out what their characteristics are. In this way, when you are on the game platform, you will already know how to direct you to the game that best suits your tastes. The games offered by the gaming platforms are mostly the following:

  • Roulette is the most famous game of physical play points, although it has also enjoyed immense success online. If one day you ever visit a physical casino spot, you will realize for yourself that the largest room in the casino will be reserved for roulette. The rules of roulette are very simple: you choose a number in the roulette and place a bet on the table by sliding your game chips to the desired number. So, you will wait for the attendant to roulette spin the ball in the wheel, which will spin at great speed until it stops completely after a few seconds. Based on the number marked on the marble, you will find out whether your bet is a winner or not. In an online casino it works the same, but you won't find a real person spinning the roulette wheel.
  • La slot machine is another of the most popular casino games. Also in this case there are some fantastic rooms to accommodate the slots, which will be different depending on the theme chosen. To play the slots you simply have to insert a coin into the slot. Activate the rollers using a lever or a button. Symbols are depicted on the reels and they will start spinning. Once they stop, they will show you a combination of figures. Depending on how many and which figures come up, you will be the winner or not. In an online casino in Italy, the slots are colorful, up-to-date, optimized and smart.
  • Numerous tables are reserved for Blackjack within a physical casino. To win the game it will be necessary to get as close to 21 as possible with the cards without exceeding the score. If the score exceeds 21, in that case you would have "busted". If, on the other hand, you have an ace and 10 or an ace and a face, then, in that case, you would get blackjack. This is also a very common game on online platforms, where you are likely to be provided with bonuses so that you can play it for free for a limited time.
  • The Chemin de Fer game is a very well-known game in Italy and in some online casinos it is possible to find it in revised and enhanced versions, suitable for online gaming. The players, usually eight, arrange themselves in a circle along the table; the sense of play is clockwise. One player is the dealer and the next is the player who bets. It is played with six decks of fifty-two cards each. The dealer bets the amount of play, the one who bets bets. The game of Poker is a particularly old game with a long history behind it. It is the favorite game of the most hardcore gamblers. It is a game that is based on combinations formed by the cards of each player. Comparing those cards will determine the winner.
  • The game of Baccarat, is the lesser known version of Blackjack. The winning score in the game of Baccarat is nine, beyond which you lose.
  • The game of Bingo is one of the oldest games in history. In the history of Italy there are different types of games very similar to each other and with the same dynamics, the best known are Bingo and Tombola. In both, the aim is to fill in the boxes according to the number that has been drawn. Whoever reaches five squares in a row wins.
  • The game of dice is another very old game. It is played in numerous cinema films. The goal is to get the desired number by rolling the two dice.

Italian online casino games: which are the most popular games?

The gaming platforms, today provide an infinite number of titles and solutions for online entertainment.

The most popular games are slot machines, which, thanks to the fantastic graphics and story, one more fun than the other, continue to amaze the public on the net. Furthermore, to attract a greater number of people, the platforms equip themselves with the best operators to increase their offer and the number of titles, which are updated on a weekly and monthly basis.

The platforms with a certain history behind them and a good reputation offer their audience a number equal to or greater than three hundred titles and a number of providers ranging from ten to twenty. The games are continuously updated and optimized, and the bonuses are mostly reserved for this genre of games.

Roulette is also a very popular game, very famous and always present in all casinos, physical and otherwise. This kind of games does not offer the opportunity to employ any tactics, indeed luck in roulette is the absolute master.

In this game the player has to do is choose a number and bet a variable amount, so the ball will start spinning in the roulette wheel and will stop after a few seconds. You win if the sphere lands on the chosen number or color.

Roulette can be divided into three variations:

  • French roulette
  • American roulette
  • European roulette

The difference between the three is not that great. Mostly the bets and position of the numbers on the wheel vary

Casinos in Italy and AAMS

As you know, gambling in Italy got a precise regulation only in 2012. From that precise moment this genre of games began to flourish all over the web, seeing the birth of numerous gaming platforms. The success was mainly held by the online platforms, and less by the physical points, which as we have said are few and difficult to reach. A platform, on the other hand, is always accessible, wherever you are. Even if you are standing in line at the post office and want to pass the time. This is called a revolution.

This has been regularized to allow everyone to access the platform as and when they want, but in any case guaranteeing the security of data, payment information and minors (who, we remind you, are not allowed on gaming platforms).

To do all this, the most well-known platforms have been registered in a list of sites recognized by the Italian state and which above all follow well-established rules; one of which is the fight against pathological gambling and fraud (theft of data and money). Therefore the platforms have equipped themselves with a data encryption system to ensure that prying eyes do not come into contact with this information in any way and that they make improper use of it.

Warning: play responsibly

Before starting to play and have fun we recommend, for your safety, to play responsibly by allowing the games no more than a few hours of your daily time.

Security is important

Thus, the AAMS / ADM certification allows gambling fans to stay safe while playing on the platforms. In addition, these platforms have partnered with organizations that fight against gambling addiction. A self-respecting platform, therefore, will remind you that playing for too many hours could be dangerous to your health, will show you the best way to protect yourself and will refer you to an institution in case one of its users is experiencing a problem of this kind.

To conclude

Despite the fact that physical casinos are fascinating, particular, and full of magic, it is clear that not everyone can reach the physical place and play at any time they want.

Innovation should be seen as progress and not a threat: gambling has brought nothing but an extra service to enthusiasts. Just as today it is possible to stream your favorite movies or pay bills through your smartphone, in the same way, casino gaming sites have wanted to offer all casino fans a way not to have to physically reach the place where. play. In this way, if on the one hand simplified access has been offered, on the other hand it must be accepted that the magic of a physical casino is something irreplaceable and incomparable. Therefore land-based casino managers should not worry because they are two parallel and different realities at the same time.

In summary, the land casinos are: magic, smells and colors of a long tradition, and fantastic colors embellish the room that welcomes your game. While, gambling is convenience, speed, and simplified accessibility.


What is the best online casino in Italy?

If you have remained anchored to the classic casino of yesteryear, the one we often find in the most famous films in history, you certainly prefer land-based casinos. In Italy there are five land-based casinos and they are still in operation today, despite some restrictions due to covid. The Italian casinos are almost all located in the north and are the casino of Campione d'Italia, Casino of Ca 'di Noghera in Venice, Casino of Ca' Vendramin Calergi in Venice, Casino of Sanremo and Resort & Casino of Saint Vincent. Although they are all very different casinos, we are unable to choose for you which one is the best. We can advise you to visit the blogs and websites of each of them and choose according to your personal taste. In addition, we also suggest you visit them because the magic of a casino is lived from within. Tell us your impressions.

Is it safe to play at online casinos in Italy?

Whenever and when you choose internationally known gaming sites with a long history behind them, you will have nothing to worry about. If you have ensured that these are officially registered in the gaming platform register, and that they are able to offer the best systems for protecting your contact, payment and sensitive information, then you can rest assured that you will not have to fear anything. . Make sure that the site provides an encryption system for personal data and payment, to prevent prying people from taking advantage of the flaws in the system to steal users' personal data.

What are the most popular slots in Italy?

In Italy there are five land casinos and they are almost all located in the north of Italy. The most famous physical gaming sites in Italy are the casino of Campione d'Italia, Casino of Ca 'di Noghera in Venice, Casino of Ca' Vendramin Calergi in Venice, Casino of Sanremo and Resort & Casino of Saint Vincent. In Italy, physical points and online points offer their fans a series of well-known titles embellished with attractive colors and bonuses. Mostly, the games that hold the most clicked record are the slot machine, for their simplicity of winning. Some of the best known titles are: Book of Ra ,, Fowl Play Gold, Sphinx, Jackpot Giant, Gladiator and many others.

What are the bonuses offered by online gaming platforms?

Most gaming platforms offer numerous free spin bonus, no deposit bonus and welcome bonus. Such promotions allow you to play slots, casinos, card games and whatever else you like for free. Also, should you win, you will be able to withdraw your money without having made any money deposit. We remind you that each platform has a personal regulation on bonuses and free spins, therefore we suggest you consult the platforms and their offers before choosing the preferred one.

What are the most used software in gaming platforms?

The softwares are the ones that will allow you to play your slots. Therefore, it is essential that the platform has entered into agreements with a house that is ready to fix bugs immediately, optimize the game, update it frequently. The best-known software in gaming platforms are Playtech, which today works for SNAI, Novomatic, producer of the most clicked game of all time, Microgaming, founder of internet security and Netent, producer of numerous 3D games.

How do I make a deposit or withdrawal?

A deposit is, in a nutshell, the act of depositing money on the gaming platform in the user profile. Through this sum of money, the user will be able to play any game he prefers. Each game will have a cost, so the sum must be adjusted to the price of the games. Should the player win, in that case he will get virtual money. That money can then be withdrawn from the user profile and sent to your card, bank account, online account.

What does AAMS mean? And what do I need it for?

AAMS is the official certification that allows passionate online casino users to stay safe while playing on the gaming platforms. Furthermore, these platforms have partnered with organizations that fight against gambling addiction. A self-respecting platform, therefore, will remind you that playing for too many hours could be dangerous to your health, will show you the best way to protect yourself and will refer you to an institution in case one of its users is experiencing a problem of this type. Pay attention to the platforms you choose and check if as an alternative to the AAMS list, it is subscribed to another list of equal importance. If it is registered on another list, it is likely that the platform is legally registered abroad and therefore legal, on a par with Italian platforms.

What are the payment methods (deposit and withdrawal) accepted?

Most platforms allow you to make deposits and withdrawals using the main banking circuits and online accounts. Therefore, you will have no problem making deposits or withdrawals with the MasterCard, Visa, Maestro circuits. There are not a few platforms that also accept online circuits such as PayPal and Skrill, although at the moment it is not available everywhere. Among the accepted courts we remind you that in Italy it is possible to make deposits and withdrawals through the use of the Italian post office card, PostePay, and in some cases using cryptocurrencies. In this case, it will take some time before cryptocurrencies can be accepted by all gaming platforms without distinction.

How can I play casino platform slot machines?

Simple. Follow these small simple steps. Access the site directly from your mobile device or desktop computer and in a few moments you can discover a world of fun and engaging games. Online games are unique for various reasons: one of them is that they no longer resemble those boring games that you are used to seeing in physical play points. On the contrary, you will find that they are particularly accurate in their graphics (they are colorful, beautiful to look at), rich in details and, above all, they are attractive.

What distinguish online slot machines from physical ones?

The slot machines of an online platform are identical to the slot machines of physical casinos but their graphics are really modernized. We can indeed identify innovative characteristics: Colors; Fantasy; Modern sounds; Brand new and special bonuses; Nice; Usable by all those who are of age (18 years of age).

I want to play without using any money. How can I do?

We know very well, slot machines are known to be paid games. Anyone who has visited a physical gaming point knows this very well. And this clearly represents an obstacle for those who want to try a game, see how it works before starting, or want to try their luck with zero coins in their pocket. It is clear that without money it is a bit complex to be able to access any slot machine. even if it were just to test the game. This sometimes becomes unnerving. But we have a novelty. With the birth of the internet and digital, application developers have also decided to develop slot machine-style games to allow everyone, absolutely everyone, to be able to play. The free video slots are colorful, very well made and fun to use. These latest slot machines have the ability to make us feel the same feeling of being in a physical gaming point or in a real casino, even though we are seated comfortably on our sofa. These cute apps are free and if you don't have the money it doesn't matter.

What exactly does this mean? It means that you can play even without money. Initially, in fact, it will be possible to play slot machines for purely recreational purposes, to have fun and spend time. The platform will offer a variable welcome bonus to allow you to try the games it makes available to its customers. This way you can afford to play for free for a limited period of time and who knows, maybe win. And the platform, for its part, will have the opportunity to advertise their games by allowing you to try them for free. As soon as you have finished the free bonus, you can freely decide whether to make your first deposit and start playing with real money.

The deposit can be made at any time in the user's personal section and you can freely select an amount that adapts to what you prefer to spend in the first deposit. Be aware that in some cases there are bonuses dedicated to the first deposits, which often allow you to get additional free spins and discounts. Once you have made your deposit, choose your favorite game and start playing.

What are the games most loved by fans of online gaming platforms?

To live a fantastic online gaming experience and not miss physical casinos, we suggest some of the most loved titles by visitors to online casino platforms. Here are some of the most clicked every week: Blue diamond; Big win 777; Valley of gods; The wolf's bane; Lucky angler; Lot madness; Dungeon and dragons; Lot madness; Dungeon and dragons; Vampire desire; If you love Egypt don't miss out instead: Treasure of troy: find the lost treasure! what are you waiting for ?! Cleopatra plus: who doesn't remember Cleopatra and her captivating charm !? Book of Ra Deluxe: thanks to the bonuses you can discover the secret of the fantastic fascinating pyramids! Sphinx: Let us guide you to discover the treasure in the land of the Pharaohs! Sphinx Wild: and why not try the more complex level of the previous game? Pyramids of the Sun.