Roulette systems

In the following sections, you will learn about the reasons why you should use a system roulette system to win. You will also discover the differences between strategies and systems, tips and more. You can also practice all of this in any casino on our list.

Roulette systems have attracted more and more players over time. This is because roulette is one of those popular games that everyone wants to play. And even though it is considered a game of chance, there are some strategies that can be applied by players to get great results.

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Probability of success in roulette

These types of systems are used for the purpose of increasing the chances of ending up with winnings by playing to roulette. To do this, the first thing we need to understand is what are the odds of success we are playing. Roulette is a game of chance, so the systems and strategies are not 100% effective; but they help put the stats a little more in your favor than if you were playing randomly.

To get big profits, we need to be willing to invest a lot of money; so we have to look for roulette wheels with high limits to be able to make these systems.

To bet on only 1 number

  • Payout 35: 1
  • Probability of success: 2,70% for European roulette, and 2,60% for American roulette.

To bet on 2 numbers

  • Payout 17: 1
  • Probability of success: 5,40% for European roulette, and 5,30% for American roulette.

Bet on 3 numbers

  • Payout 11: 1
  • Probability of success: 8,10% for European roulette, and 7,9% for American roulette.

Bet on 4 numbers

  • 8: 1 payout
  • Probability of success: 10,80% for European roulette, and 10,50% for American roulette.

Bet on 5 numbers

  • 6: 1 payout
  • Probability of success: 13,50% for European roulette, and 13,20% for American roulette.

Bet on 6 numbers

  • 5: 1 payout
  • Probability of success: 16,20% for European roulette, and 15,80% for American roulette.

Wager on a column or a dozen

  • 2: 1 payout
  • Probability of success: 32,40% for European roulette, and 31,60% for American roulette.

Single bets

  • Payment 1: 1
  • Probability of success: 48,60% for European roulette, and 47,4% for American roulette.

These bets cover half of the numbers except zero. The bet can be on Red / Black, Low / High or Odd / Even.

How to decide which roulette system to use

To choose any of the roulette systems, you should keep these factors in mind:

  • Il Bankroll or the budget you will have available. There are systems that ask you to cover many numbers in each shift, which then require a larger budget; otherwise, you may run out of money halfway through the game.
  • Il time application time. Some systems are much more cautious than others and take longer to get good results. Others are more extreme and can give you huge short-term gains, or lose everything at the same time.
  • Il difficulties or what you will have to learn. They range from very simple systems to more mathematically complicated ones.
  • Il rate to make a profit. There are less elaborate systems that just increase your odds. Others, on the other hand, put the math more in your favor.

Being clear about this and having a realistic view can determine whether the use of a system can be a success or a failure.

The best ways to win at roulette

After explaining the types of strategies or systems that can be found, you need to know which are the best ways to win at roulette:

Ascot Roulette System: It is a popular and ancient system, a variation of the Contra D'Alembert. Is used increasing the stakes in a series which is already determined. And in case you have losing bets, you have to reduce by one unit using the same series. You can use a series of odd numbers such as 5, 7, 9 or 11, or whichever series you prefer.

Ballistic roulette system: a long-term winning roulette system based on two types of subsystems. One based on the defects that the roulette wheel can have, to the extent that the leveling of the table allows certain numbers to be winning. And in the case of the second type, the speed and defense release of the roulette wheel, and also of the ball.

Physical Roulette System: This is an alternative roulette system, the difficulty of which is very high. Identify the defects in the roulette wheel itself to use them to our advantage. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis, recognizing the mismatches in the roulette table. You also have to recognize which results are a trend, that is, those that recur frequently, and this is achieved by observing and studying each table. Clearly, this is not a roulette system suitable for online play.

Labouchere Roulette System: This is one of the roulette systems where the following things are done. equal and external bets. It means it's only compatible with odd or even, red or black, or 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 bets. First, you need to know how much money you want to win. Then you will have to make a separation of the figures that add up to your goal. Finally you have to follow these sequences and place your bets. Keep in mind the first number on the left, and the right-most number on the right, and you have to add them together to make this your bet. If the bets win, these numbers will be canceled; and if you lose, you have to add that number to the right side of the sequence.

Roulette system by heart: The first thing to do is to look for the version of roulette that has the lowest house edge. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum betting limits and your budget. Then you just have to know the 3 recent results and these are the outcomes you won't bet on in the next round.

Paroli Roulette System: This is an old and much used strategy, which is used in gambling systems with a chance of winning up to 50%. It basically consists of double your bet after a win starting with a smaller bet, on an outside bet. Whenever you lose using roulette systems like this, you will have to reset and start over. And every time you win, you just need to double your bet.

Pivot Roulette System: Consists of a system that focuses on number repeated after the last 36 laps roulette spins. When a number comes up that has won twice, you will have to bet on that number several times. The bets must always be the same size, and when a cycle of 36 spins is reached, the system ends. It's as simple as waiting for another number to appear twice before starting over.

Romanosky roulette system: You have to consider the betting limits allowed on the table. In this system, the dozens of bets. Four chips will be used to bet on a dozen and another four to cover another dozen, while the remainder is wagered on table. This should cover the remaining dozen.

Shotwell Roulette System: This is a roulette system for beating the odds by focusing on a covered area. It consists in memorizing the position of the chips, bet on six and running four other bets for full numbers.

Oscar's Grinding Roulette System: Another progressive betting system, one must go to increased bets while making a profit, and keep that figure when you lose. It's a simple, albeit rather slow system.

One Hit Wonder Roulette System: It's as simple as looking at what numbers have come up in the last few spins. For statistics, we will bet on any numbers that have not yet come out. And according to the steps of this roulette system, we will continue to bet on that number until it comes out.